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  • "ASTRA" is coined from the term "Astronomy" - the study of Stars. And, In Sanskrit Astra means “Weapon". We in Astra believe that KNOWLEDGE IS THE WEAPON. The modus operandi of Astra will be on the basis of Knowledge, Action and Care.

  • Our Vision is to be an Educational Institute of excellence in pursuit of disseminating quality education and providing holistic development to create empowered citizens of the world.

  • Our Mission is to create vibrant centers for learning which provide a congenial atmosphere for students to excel academically and develop into ethically strong and morally elevated individuals.

  • Kids are taught using a gamut of creative activities like singing, dancing, drama, painting, puppet-shows, educational video shows, indoor and outdoor games. This method of teaching helps in nurturing their talents and intelligence and honing their communication and social skills, is all about providing kids an environment that nurtures their natural Abilities and promotes their individual interests. The unique training and learning that kids receive at Astra, develops their key skills like the ability to think creatively and independently and the ability to learn. The supportive and socially interactive environment in this play school makes their experience in the play school a pleasurable one.