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  • Our guiding principle for the PlayGroup program is to help your child master the skills needed to succeed in school and in life.

  • Our program introduces your children to a more structured day with stimulating activities, group interaction and numerous opportunities to be inquisitive as he/she travels along the path to discover.

  • Children at this age are always imbibing information through all their senses.

  • Our curriculum and monthly themes are based on real-world sensory experiences in order to cater to this need. Your child will spend a major part of his day, singing, dancing, laughing, playing and exploring both indoors and outdoor.

  • The monthly themes have been devised to help your child build cognitive, language, motor and social skills and self-esteem. Besides, he will be encouraged to learn, grow and discover at his own natural pace.

  • Our Nursery program teaches essential skills like pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math, science and social skills in a logical, natural sequence that encourages children to learn one step at a time.

  • Monthly themes, weekly topics and daily activities keep the curriculum focused and teach key academic skills while teaching children to explore and understand the world they live in. The activities encourage curiosity, self-initiative and persistence.

  • Art, music, dramatic play and social interaction help each nursery child explore creatively and build self-esteem. Each new accomplishment fills these three year olds with pride and the desire to learn more. They realize, "I can do it!" and our nursery readiness program makes it easy and exciting for them to learn.

  • In each of our fun rooms, we've developed special areas called Discovery Areas which are set up by our teachers as per the curriculum requirements to help your child explore and learn.

  • Astra is committed to providing and exemplifying an environment where children can explore, learn, and grow intellectually and socially while in a loving and creative setting.

  • We will strive to build a healthy self-esteem for every child through meaningful experiences.

  • We will provide parents with the reassurance and trust they need to feel completely comfortable leaving their child in our care, which gives them a complete peace of mind & concentrate on their job.

  • A promising place for parents & Kids with complete peace of Mind.

  • Day care Timings available between 8:00 Am - 8:00 PM from Monday to Saturday . Sunday Holiday.

  • Monthly bundle available on 4hours/ 6hours/ 8Hours.

  • Special bundle available for Day care Cum Playschool or Preschool Activities kids.

  • Dedicated Well trained staff with clean environment.

  • One of the most important benefits of coming to a Pre-School is the social interaction and learning to be self-sufficient.

  • The children here are safe - physically, emotionally and socially.

  • Young children learn to live in a classroom community; they learn to follow a routine, and to get along with people who aren't their relatives.

  • Interacting with other children means learning how to wait, how to take turns, and how to listen. Young children learn social skills when they interact with other children.

  • These social skills are critical to a developing personality.

  • In addition to developing these skills, Astra also provides children the opportunity to engage in a wide spectrum of age-appropriate learning experiences that they may not get at home such as music and movement, arts and crafts, dramatic play, sensory play and storytelling.

  • "Playing, learning and enjoying every minute" is the motto of BUDDY, our mascot and that is exactly what Astra is all about. We use BUDDY as a friend - someone who the children actually learn from as he takes the children into a wonderful world of knowledge.

  • When the learning process takes place in an enjoyable and interesting way, children absorb and understand much more.

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➤  Gross and Fine Motor

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