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March 23, 2017

We, Parents of Akshaj (Student of Astra From 2016 - 17), Wish to thank the Astra Team from the bottom of Our hearts for making our Child's first school experience very enriching and rewarding.

The Reward was his admission into PSPB School, KK Nagar.

Astra Made a real big Positive Difference in our Child's Learning Experience. We have always been happy that our Child is able to understand and Communicate much beyond his age.

His Ability to convince his interviewer in less that 6 minutes and gain admission stance as testimony to astra's Ability to mould children in a very structured, yet flexible way.

We would love akshaj to continue to be associated with astra for co-ciricular activities and gain more out of this association.

Once again We thank everybody at astra and we wish them you grow even bigger to spread this joy of moulding tiny tots at their most unmanagable age. Please keep up the good Job.

Anitha & Venkatesh

Thank You Astra

January 14, 2017

My child loves coming to Astra. She has learned so many things and sings rhymes very well. We are very happy for choosing this school.

Siva kumar

Chennai, Tamilnadu

August 22, 2016

Very happy for the choice of school for my son. Teachers are very friendly and give the kids a comfortable homely environment along with the required knowledge sharing appropriate to kids age.Wishing the school good luck and keep going.

Ajith kumar

Chennai, Tamilnadu

December 18, 2016

School was an excellent place for kids. Their learning and attitude improves a lot.

Nithyaa Sivakumar

Chennai, Tamilnadu

July 25, 2016

This school is really doing a great job in being a fantastic start for the toddlers. I have personally seen a lot of improvements in my own child in terms of understanding essential things for his age and I`m really happy about the output as such. Great job Astra ...Thanks a lot.

Rohit Singh

Chennai, Tamilnadu

October 30, 2016

I am very happy with my kids progress. Excellent care by teachers. Great place to start your kids study with.

Somasekhar Reddy

Chennai, Tamilnadu

January 15, 2017

Since last 2 years I have been associated with the school. I have noticed remarkable improvement in my child.

Preethi Sunil

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October 15, 2015

They provide good coaching for kids and taking care of her well. Individual attention is very good. She improved much in writing, learning, singing, coloring. She is also improved disciplined in all behaviours.

Venkatesh Thangaraj

Chennai, Tamilnadu

December 13, 2015

The school is very good and excellent place to keep our kid. We as a parents are so excited to have admitted our daughter into your esteemed institution. The environment is nice and Astra always cheerful and the school ambiance is very much suitable for kids. Apart from education, they teach life skills like eating manners, respect the elders, public behavior etc. Astra provided a structured, interactive and enjoyable learning environment which we believe is more important for the child to grow into loving, caring and confident individual. The after school activities like story telling, music, dance, chess, art and craft are excellent. All the best Astra management and staff !!

Kishore Kumar.v

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October 03, 2016

Its a very nice place for kids growth development. The management and staff are very much concerned about kids learning experience. My son really enjoyed going to ASTRA, kudos to their good work !!

Narasimman Kamalesh

Chennai, Tamilnadu

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