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       ➤  Ample space-inside & outside

       ➤  Plenty of fresh air, light & ventilation

       ➤  Conventional and modern play equipments

       ➤  Clean, safe & secure environment


  • We have the right academic program for kids to keep the promises made to parents designed by eminent teachers who posses rich years of experience in teaching.

  • Our curriculum is based on real-world sensory experiences to develop your child’s cognitive, language, motor and social skills.

  • It caters to not only academic but also the overall development of the child.



  • A vast and spacious place for children to play and move around

  • It is equipped with all the amenities like fully air conditioned class rooms and lobbies, music room, computer room, dance rooms, drawing room.

  • There are adequate number of hygienic rest rooms and a cafeteria.

  • Children have good space to play in fresh air.

  • A well maintained garden with varieties of plants and flowers to add to the happiness and well being of children.

100% of our Pre School Children have got into schools of their parents dream and choice

  • A new bright star rose up in 2009 when Astra Kids Space was established by an individual with the vision to give a difference in the field of education to children.

  • The first step on the journey towards excellence was taken with 1 student and one teacher in a 700 sq ft independent house.

  • Today, the school has grown with more than 125 children and around 15 staff.

  • The school has won the Most Promising Preschool and Fine Arts Centre award in Chennai.

  • The journey towards Nursery & Primary School an Initiative by Astra Educational Trust is fast approaching.

  • The Astra Education Trust (Regd) has extended its hand to children by giving them good quality notebooks and also made them continue their education by paying the term fees during the natural calamities where they lost almost everything.

  • It goes to show that all constrains are converted into success or milestones owing to the administrative acumen and the Grace of God.